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Alternative Medicine

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Alternative Medicine


Alternative Medicine vs. Modern Medicine


There are some distinct differences between alternative medicine and modern medicine, and it is important that you understand these differences in order to see the real benefits that are available from alternative treatments.


Modern medicine focuses on individual symptoms, and often medications are prescribed to relieve a particular symptom. The problem is that the medication only hides the symptom or covers up the problem, instead of treating the root cause of the health issues. Modern medications force the body to work in certain ways, in order to eliminate the symptoms that you are experiencing. Once you stop taking the medication, the symptoms will automatically return.


On the other hand, alternative medicine is an effective way to target the root cause of the health problem. These modalities of treatment work along with the natural functions of the body, in order to support the overall health and balance of the whole system. These natural methods can heal the body on a foundational level, so that the symptoms can go away for good once the right balance is found within the body.


Different Types of Naturopathic Treatments


When you start exploring the world of alternative medicine, how do you know which types of naturopathic treatments are right for you? There are so many options available, and it can be hard to determine the best method that you need to improve your health. Here are a few options that you might consider:


° Integrated Medical Doctor: Instead of only focusing on modern medicine, an integrated medical doctor combines the use of modern medicine along with alternative treatments. Many people love the idea of using alternative remedies, but they also want to have access to medications and other modern remedies at the same time. An Integrated Medical Doctor bridges the gap by considering all of the options that are available in order to determine the best treatment method for your needs. Many times, alternative remedies are considered first, and then modern medical treatments might be suggested if the health problem is still present.


° Doctor of Osteopathy: When you visit an Osteopath, it is a very different experience compared with visiting a traditional doctor. A Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) has similar medical training as a doctor with a standard medical degree (MD), and it is possible that some ODs are actually better physicians than MDs. A visit with a DO will combine modern medicine with a little more focused care for each of the patients. These doctors view their patients as a whole system, using alternative remedies to treat the whole person instead of individual symptoms.


° Chiropractor: Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a chiropractor only helps with back and neck pain, because chiropractic care is focused on complete body healing with hands-on care. The goal of chiropractic care is to heal the body without using invasive medications or surgery, and the foundational treatments are based on the manipulation of the spine and balancing the framework of the body.


° Homeopathic Doctor: Homeopathic medicine looks at the whole person, to integrate all aspects of the person’s life in order to improve their health. When you visit a Homeopathic Doctor, they will stay away from treating specific symptoms and instead focus on overall health and wellness. A homeopathic practitioner might look at lifestyle factors including diet, mental state, stress, and emotional state.


Which Practitioner is Right for You?


So, how do you decide on a doctor to visit? There are several approaches that you might consider to help you choose the best alternative medicine clinic to match your preferences. One of the best things that you can do is to talk with your family and friends in the local area in order to see if you can get any referrals for clinics that they like. Getting a trusted recommendation can be one of the best ways to find a good clinic to visit.


Another option is to look online for options that are available in your area, and then visit the clinic to see how you like it. Once you have visited several options, you will be able to find an office that matches your preferences.