Gaia’s Essence Natural & Organic Living

Gaia’s Essence Natural & Organic Living

Gaia’s Essence is a wellness lifestyle brand that provides quality products for natural & organic living.

Gaia’s Essence specialize in unique selections of  Loose Leaf Teas, Salt Free Seasonings & Organic Gluten-Free Baking Blends created for their health benefits & spectacular flavors. Our goal is to provide affordable, nutritious options to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Mission: to inspire & empower communities to live happier, healthier lives one cup of tea at a time.

Core Values: 

Global Respect

We embrace lifestyle diversity and respecting everyones unique path to wellness.

Natural Knowledge

We embrace the healing energy of mother Nature.


We affiliate with companies who share in our vision of environmental responsibility.

Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference is an annual event held on Long Island New York. The conference originated out of the passion of the founder of Gaia’s Essence to empower and motivate women in reaching and maintaining their optimum health. For quite a few years she had encountered many women who were seeking information on starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. In today’s society the battle for being healthy is a very powerful one. This gave her the vision to create the conference as an avenue where women of all ages could come together to share, empower and inspire each other to live happier healthier lives.