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Hey Moms! Stay Fit This Spring and Summer

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Hey Moms! Stay Fit This Spring and Summer

It’s no secret that busy moms have a hard time fitting everything into their schedules, and that includes time to workout. It can be a huge challenge to find the energy or the time to exercise daily when you’re exhausted and work hard every day just to get the most basic tasks done.


However, there are some simple ways you can squeeze in a workout around the house or during your busy day; no need to sign up for an expensive gym membership! Kickstart the spring and summer months by putting it in high gear and striving to live a more healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the best tips on staying healthy when you’re a busy mom.


Workout at home


Whether you want to find ways to multitask or go all out and build your own home gym, there are many ways you can fit in a workout at home. You can exercise while you clean, which burns a lot of calories if you do it right. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing are all great ways to get in shape and take care of some chores at the same time. You might even consider finding a part-time job housekeeping and take on those chores for someone else, which would give you a more consistent means of exercise. Take your household tasks outdoors by doing some yard work, cleaning the windows, sweeping the porch, taking the dog for a walk, or getting the kids outside for some active fun.


In the spring when the weather isn’t too hot and the kids are still in school, sneak in a quick yoga session in your backyard or go for a walk in your neighborhood. If your little one isn’t quite old enough to be in school or school has already let out for the summer, bring them along on your workout by taking a hike together or visiting the playground. Come up with fun games such as a treasure hunt in the neighborhood or have a race to see who can run around the perimeter of the house the fastest. Get your loved ones involved in your workout routine as much as possible. This way, you get to spend time with them while you’re exercising. Getting active together can promote bonding and boost self-esteem for everyone in the family.


Change up your routine


Walking every day is a great way to stay in shape, but if you do it often enough you’ll get burnt out really quick. Change up your routine and try something new once or twice a week so your workout doesn’t become boring. You could even try doing the same thing in a new environment, such as at the park with the dog instead of in your neighborhood.


Warmer months expand your options and make it easier to switch up a routine that is losing its spark. Remember that any change in routine will require extra energy and planning, so make sure you are getting enough sleep at night and avoid using sleeping pills, which can have negative side effects. Being a mom might mean sacrificing sleeping hours to take care of other tasks, but try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night so you will have enough energy to tackle the day. Plus, you’ll need the extra energy boost to power through your workout.


Eat well


It’s not always easy to stick to a well-balanced diet when you have a busy schedule, or if you have little ones who are constantly snacking. Make up small storage containers full of grapes, carrot sticks, cheese, nuts, cherry tomatoes, and other healthy snacks and keep them handy so you can grab one and go. This will not only keep you from snacking on junk, they’ll also help fill you up so you won’t be tempted to stop for fast food. Add a little bit of fun for everyone by taking meals outdoors on a picnic to soak up some Vitamin D.


You don’t have to give up your favorite foods completely; just think of them in a new way. Use lettuce leaves in place of hamburger buns; gluten-free flours like almond or coconut for muffins and pancakes; and make pizza crusts out of quinoa or riced cauliflower to help replace the refined sugars you’re used to, and teach yourself to look at portions. You can treat yourself now and then as long as you don’t overdo it.


As a mom you have a busy schedule, but it is important that you don’t let your own health and wellness fall by the wayside. Find creative ways to get active and eat healthy, and include your family so that everyone benefits.


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