Moms Across America

Moms Across America

Moms Across America is a National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms. Their motto is “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.”

Our intention is to raise awareness and support Moms with solutions to eat GMO Free as we demand GMO labeling locally and nationally simultaneously.

We will do this by doing what we do best, CARING about our families and community and SHARING with them about food, GMO, PESTICIDES and health. We have an opportunity to bring awareness to GMOs with our neighbors and march together, thousands in our hometowns and million nationally, all on one day, together, empowered and unified, for our kids’ healthy future.

Who? Moms! Because we buy 85% of the food! It’s up to us! If we don’t buy it, they can’t sell it! Plus, Moms are unstoppable and our only special interest is our family. Moms across America have seen rising health risks associated with GMOs in the food we feed our children.  We want the ability to know what is in our food to care best for our families. We also invite EVERYONE to join us!  This movement is not just for Moms; the more the merrier!

Why Label? Because many Americans still don’t know what a GMO is. With a label they will at least start to find out what’s really in our food.

How? Create an event to educate your neighbors about GMOs.  If just one MOM shares about GMOs with 10 Moms, who all share with 5 Moms , and each of those share with 5 Moms, who share with 5…that one Mom, YOU  will have reached 1270 Moms in your town! WE CAN DO THIS! These are OUR children, our country and our RIGHT to take care of our families’ nutrition fully informed.  Tell all those you care about–your yoga class, your women’s circle, your book club–get everyone on board! Then MARCH WITH US in a 4th of July Parade near you on July 4th 2014.

 Where? If there’s no event near you, then you have an opportunity to be a catalyst for change by creating one and getting moms nearby to join in. It’s as easy as hosting a GMO movie night. See “GMO Info” for great ways to share with your friends.

When? NOW!  62 other countries have either labeled or banned GMOs. Why not America? Because we have not been aware of GMOs! Let’s raise awareness in a fun and family friendly educational outreach.

We want GMOs Labeled NOW! Because We Said So! Our Goal is 400 parades in 2014, reaching  million people directly and tens of millions more through their families and media. Be a part of history and making America even greater!

 Regarding doing one thing about GMOs: “It’s the most patriotic thing you can do.” -Robyn O’Brien, Mom of 4, Author of The UnHealthy Truth and

 Thank YOU!