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Why toxic free is more important than “All-Natural” When it Comes to Skin Care

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Why toxic free is more important than “All-Natural” When it Comes to Skin Care

We’re all doing what we can to make sure we’re living as “green” as possible. From buying organic foods and reading the ingredients on our food labels to buying all-natural products for ourselves and families, it’s never been easier to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. But are we living as “natural” as we think we are?


Not All “Natural” Products Are Created Equal

There’s a catch to the all-natural lifestyle that has taken the world by storm. Not all natural products are created equal. Did you know there are no strict regulations on the claims that companies can make about their products? That’s right. Any manufacturer can print “eco” or “green” on a product’s packaging…and it can still be full of harmful chemicals and toxins.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. Especially with all the potions and lotions I use for myself and my family. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and literally absorbs pretty much anything we put on it. And with companies being able to claim whatever they want about how “natural” their products are, I had to wonder what I was really exposing myself and the kids to.


While Poofy Organics opened my eyes to the world of toxic-free living and I continue to stand firmly behind the hundreds of products they offer, I’m a bit skeptical of the claims other companies can make about their “natural products.”

How MADE SAFE Has Changed My Life

I recently discovered MADE SAFE..a way to discern the credibility of the natural products I use. Basically, the MADE SAFE seal means that a product is produced with ingredients that are safe and aren’t known to harm you, your family, animals, or the ecosystem. All products with the MADE SAFE seal are tested by scientists to safeguard there are none of the following:


° Carcinogens

° Developmental toxins

° Behavioral toxins

° Reproductive toxins

° Endocrine disruptors

° GMOs

° Harmful VOCs

° Heavy metals

° High-risk pesticides

° Toxic solvents

Amazing, right? There’s more. This company truly goes above and beyond when it comes to assuring the eco-conscious consumer how safe the products they regular purchase really are. After products with the MADE SAFE seal go through the initial testing phase, they are further tested to ensure their safety. Chemists test products for bioaccumulation that builds up in our bodies, persistence that builds up in the environment, aquatic toxicity, general toxicity, and eco-system damage.

Why is This So Important?

It’s vital that what we’re putting on our skin really is as natural as it claims to be. Because beauty and personal care products aren’t regulated, companies can literally claim anything they want. The problem with this is that the chemicals added to the products we use every day can pose some serious risks to our health. From birth defects and hormone disruption to lower sperm counts and cancer, personal care products contain some pretty scary ingredients.


Keeping my family safe is my top priority. Our children are particularly sensitive to chemicals being absorbed through the skin. Their little bodies are still developing and can’t get rid of many of the chemicals we can as adults. They also tend to absorb more chemicals than adults. What we put on our children’s skin directly affects their health!  Don’t you want to make sure you’re giving them the purest ingredients possible? I know I do.


Aside from MADE SAFE, I recently discovered another little company I love. Pleni Naturals is based out of California and have an amazing Cucumber and Grape Baby Oil that I literally can’t get enough of. Not only is it made with all-natural products that work wonders to soften baby’s skin, but I know I can trust it with the MADE SAFE seal of approval.


The kids and I both use this oil. I’ve found it super soft and not at all sticky. It’s my favorite fresh out of the shower, and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. One of the things I love most about Pleni Naturals is the mission the stand behind. Not only are they creating these awesome, natural products that we can trust, but they’re working to change the way kids think about fruits and veggies.


They donate a portion of their proceeds to this effort by giving to Life Lab, another California-based company dedicated to educating kids through school garden partnerships, after-school programs, field trips, and day camps all aimed at taking a hands-on approach to gardening.


The efforts we’re all making do go a long way. I truly believe that by supporting others who are making a difference locally, we begin to give back globally. The small steps we take to ensure the safety of ourselves and families through the products we buy, really do have an impact on the bigger picture.